12 Sides hustles you can earn from even if you live in Nigeria

Moving forward from last week’s article, See here: Side hustles you can earn from even if you live in Nigeria, I promised to bring you 12 side hustles you can earn from even if you live in Nigeria. Read on, to find out.

8. Computer/phone repair side hustle

Computer/phone repair side hustle
Computer/phone repair side hustle

If you are the type of person who loves gadgets and likes to pull them apart occasionally to see how they work, then you can no doubt convert computer/phone repair into a paying side hustle.

Virtually everyone in this century owns a phone, and sometimes both a phone and a computer. These devices sometimes malfunction or get broken, but in spite of this there is still plenty of life left in them. As such, starting a computer repair business is a terrific way to take a dip in the entrepreneurial pool. Even if you get stuck with a certain problem, there are troubleshooting websites that can guide you.

Computer/phone repair side hustle is something you should consider if you are a student or you are living in a tertiary institution environment.

Skills/resources needed: Technical skills/phone repair tool kit.

9. Wig-making side hustle

Wigs; Either braided or weave-ons have become a must-have item for any female who is serious about looking good. Lately, hair dressers who used to fix weave-ons on customers’ hair have turned to wig-making.

You can also sell wigs even if you don’t make them by becoming a drop shipper. See here.

Skills/resources needed: Experience in hair styling, Dummy, hair styling tools.

10. Become an Uber partner

Become an Uber partner
Become an Uber partner

If you live in Lagos or Abuja and can drive or have access to a car, you can run a cab hailing service or drive after work hours by becoming an Uber partner. See here.

As an Uber partner, you gain access to the Uber driver’s app which matches you with people close to you who need a taxi. You pick up and drop off the passengers, and get paid automatically from the passengers’ bank account direct to your bank account, minus a 25% Uber fee. If you do not want to drive the car yourself, you can offer it to a driver to make money on your behalf when you’re not using it, and pay the driver a salary or a percentage. Asides Uber, you could join other ride sharing companies like Bolt or Taxify.

Skills/resources needed: Driving skill

11. Start a pastry/cake baking business

Starting a business on the side making pastry especially cakes is a good idea for a side hustle particularly if you are skilled in it.

For new bakers however, the biggest challenge is getting the word out there. But like any new business, word of mouth is a good place to start. Tell all your friends that you are setting up a baking business and can provide all kinds of baked goods for their parties or special occasions. They are bound to take you up on a cake or two, especially if they have had the privilege of eating your best cooking before. They can tell their friends where they got the cake and like that – you have started your side hustle journey!

Similarly, content marketing using social media is another way to look for new customers when you are ready to serve a larger customer base.

Skills/resources needed: Baking skills/baking utensils.

12. Tailoring side hustle

Tailoring side hustle
Tailoring side hustle

If you know how to sew, Tailoring is a side hustle worth considering. This is because irrespective of circumstances people will always turn up for occasions and would require new clothes; Or simply because they need a change of clothes.

During festive seasons especially, the demand for tailors reaches its climax, hence you can maximize the opportunity to plant your feet firmly in this side hustle niche. Tailors in Nigeria charge anything from N5000 and above for an average Aso-ebi outfit.

Skills/resources needed: Know how to sew/Nights and weekends.

Where to find clients/customers

The success of any side hustle and even full time businesses is dependent on patronage from clients/customers which converts to sales. You can spread the word about your business through one or more of these means.

  1. Source for clients within your locality and your quality services will be spread by word of mouth.
  2. Promote your hustle on Social media.
  3. Advertise on Facebook groups.
  4. Sign up on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments.

Author: Juliet Jonathan

Hey there, My name is Juliet Jonathan. I am an O&P graduate, social media manager, creative writer for Right-Vision Premium Consulting Ltd. I am your favourite personal finance coach because I love to talk about money, investments and whatnot. Please stay tuned as I bring you up to date with all you need to know about money matters; personal finance hacks, budgetting, finance trends & investment. You can reach me via e-mail: julietjonathan995@gmail.com, Thanks for reading the blog!

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