Side hustles you can earn from even if you live in Nigeria

Owning a side hustle is beneficial. Asides contributing to your fixed income could be an opportunity to live your passion, provide a really good distraction away from a probably dead beat job.

Chris Guillebeau, author of Side Hustle described it as:

not just about avoiding or overcoming economic uncertainty, it’s about creating something for yourself and having ownership over that, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Chris Guillebeau.

While doing research for this article, I found 12 side hustles you can earn from even if you live in Nigeria. Having said that, let us quickly delve into some really cool side hustles that can help you generate extra income. Read on, to learn about them.


Become a content writer
Content writing side hustle

If writing is something you enjoy, you could possibly earn good money by offering your services as a writer in a number of ways which include, but not limited to;

  • Writing for blog owners who do not have sufficient time to update their blog regularly.
  • Copywriting – Many businesses online need the services of copy writers, you’ll easily find them if you know where to look.
  • Professional writing such as thesis, dissertations, CV reviewing, business plan, Statement of Purpose letters. Etc.

Skills/resources needed: Research/Writing Skills, PC, Internet, Your leisure time.


Drop shipping side hustle
Drop shipping side hustle

A Drop shipper is someone who sets up an online store and processes sales but never actually touches the product because he/she doesn’t stock them. They forward all orders to the wholesaler or manufacturer who in turn ships the product directly to the buyer.

Drop shipping is a very lucrative side hustle in that all you need to do is research new products, advertise them in your store, collect orders and make profit! As a matter of fact, many people who sell products online are actually Drop shippers and the products you can sell as a Drop shipper are endless, ranging from wears, wigs, cosmetics etc.

Now, think of a Drop shipper as a retailer who doesn’t stock physical goods. There are several ways you can set up an online store; One of the easiest and more common methods is cataloguing your products on social media and it requires no capital at all – just your smart phone & internet. You can also set up a more conventional store online using Shopify or Flutterwave platforms.

Skills/resources needed: Research skills, An eye for good products, A smart phone, Internet & Time.


A good number of start-ups and large businesses have one social media page or the other for their businesses, but do not find the time to post contents regularly or monitor activities on the page. You can approach them and offer your services for a negotiated fee.

This is one side hustle that doesn’t require any extra sacrifice because ordinarily, one is always present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, chatting with friends and posting contents for free. As a Social media manager, you can work from anywhere and at whatever time of the day that is convenient for you.

Skills/resources needed: Ability to catch on trends, social media management tool e.g buffer, a social media calendar.


It goes without saying that Nigerians are merry people and we always find an excuse to party, especially in parts of the South west where hardly any weekend passes without an Owambe. Hence, MCing on weekends is a promising side hustle for people who are very social and are good talkers.

On the average, an amateur wedding MC can earn N15k or more per event depending on his/her negotiation skills. Free food, drinks and souvenirs are also a part of the job description!

Skills/resources needed: Public speaking, Own a good suit/dress.


You can earn 10% of the price of renting or buying a property, just by connecting property owners with buyers or tenants. Considering that the price of properties run from thousands into millions, you can work full time at your day job and still make a fortune from real estate.

In Lagos Nigeria for instance, people are always either looking for a new place to rent or a new home to buy. As a real estate agent, you could help people find new homes for a commission.

To begin, all you need is a bit of research and some leg work. By leg work, you could step up from local property agents who as of yet are still limited to traditional forms of advertisement by taking your adverts to a larger online audience.

Skills/resources needed: Marketing skills, time, and an ear for gossip.


Telecommunications services include:

  • Printed Recharge cards
  • Data bundles
  • VTU airtime
  • Bulk SMS packages
  • Cable TV subscription
  • Electricity bills.

These are commodities people use on a daily basis and it doesn’t require too much advertisement to sell them. By signing up to a platform that enables you carry out these transactions with ease, you can start retailing the telecommunication services listed above, at a profit. It requires zero initial capital investment and transactions can be made on-the-go.

Skills/resources needed: A smart phone, Internet.


Private tutoring

Students of all ages need tutors to prepare them for major exams and to better their grades in school. Becoming a tutor only requires one to have a good knowledge base in subjects such as Mathematics, English language, a foreign language or other subjects which one was good at while in school.

With tutors earning N30,000 monthly, tutoring is a good side hustle for you if you are passionate about imparting knowledge. To begin, you can print out fliers with your subject area(s) & phone number; And share in gatherings where you are likely to find parents of school age kids. Alternatively, you could sign up to  Tuteria, Simptutors and Prepclass to get matched to parents or students who require the services of a tutor.

Skills/resources needed: Good knowledge of the subject, ability to teach.

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Author: Juliet Jonathan

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